Mar 25 2015

Spring is in the Air

Springtime brings many wonderful elements into our lives, and most are enjoyable, but not all are good for our furry friends.  Springtime allergies to airborne substances, such as pollen and mold spores can bring itchiness and discomfort to humans, as well as pets. If you find your pet is scratching and itching more frequently or is excessively licking their paws, give your veterinarian a call.

Some holiday plants, while gorgeous, can be toxic to pets.  The Easter Lilly, for example, is extremely toxic to cats.  As little as one or two plant pieces have caused death in cats.  The Sago Palm, which only blooms every 13 years, is very hazardous to dogs.  The seeds of the palm can cause severe damage to liver and potentically death.

Springtime brings Easter celebrations, as well as many Easter baskets filled with candy.  Some candy, particularly chocolate, can be dangerous to pets.  Toxicity is based on the type and quantity of chocolate consumed.  Another danger can be candy, or sweets in general.  The ingredient Xylitol, an ingredient found in many popular sugar free candies, can lead to liver failure and death if ingested by pets. As always, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at the clinic.


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