Clinic Forms

Click the links shown at left in the sidebar menu to select and submit the clinic forms that you would like to use. Some of these forms are printable and some are online submission forms.

New Client Information Form

This form is used to collect all of you and your pet’s information so that we can create a file for you. We ask that you print and fully complete this form and bring it with you to your appointment. If you are unable to print and complete it ahead of time, please come to your scheduled appointment fifteen minutes ahead of time so that you can complete this form and we can create your file before your appointment time begins. If you come in for your initial visit appointment with our printed New Client Information Form fully completed, you will receive $ 10.00 off of your Initial Office Visit. This offer is limited to one new client initial visit only. This offer is non-transferable, and has no monetary value.

The New Client Information document that you can print and bring in is a PDF form and requires that your computer have Adobe Reader installed to open and print the form. Click the following link to go to the Adobe website to download and install this software for free

 Things to bring with you on your first visit:

  • Copies of your pet’s vaccine history and prior medical records (you can also ask your previous veterinarian to fax these records to our attention at 504-866-9079
  • If your appointment is for your pet’s annual visit, please bring a fresh stool sample (if possible)
  • Any medication you are currently giving your pet
  • Also, for the safety of you and your pet, please have your pet on a leash or in a carrier
  • The fully completed New Client Information Form (if you are unable to print and bring the completed form in with you to your first visit, please come to the clinic fifteen minutes before your schedule appointment so that we can collect your information and get your pet’s file set up before you see the Doctor)

Boarding/Hospitalization Agreement

While we use our kennel primarily for patients undergoing dentistry, surgery or staying for observation and to be treated by our Doctors, for special needs cases we will board if we have room available.  If your pet will be staying with us overnight, please complete our Boarding/Hospitalization Form giving as much detail as you can about the care, feeding, and medication your pet needs while staying with us.  Please bring this form in fully completed, along with ALL OF YOUR PET’S FOOD AND MEDICATIONS when you bring your pet in to stay with us. We can provide kennel food; however, we find it best that they continue to be on food they are familiar with at home. This is especially important if they are on a special type of food.

Drop Off Treatment Admission Form

We realize that there will be times that dropping your pet off in the morning to stay with us for an examination with their veterinarian may be more convenient for you than coming in at a set appointment time. We are happy to do this for you as long is your pet is up to date on vaccinations, and is not coughing or sneezing (possibly contagious to other kenneled patients). Check in time for Dropped off patients is between 7:45 am and 9:30am. We will ask you to complete a brief admission form, providing us with your contact information, preferred discharge time, and a description of how your pet has been feeling. The check in time takes about ten minutes. If you would like to print and complete our Drop Off Treatment Admission Form in advance and bring it with you, you may do so by clicking this link: Drop Off Treatment Admission Form

Prescription Refill Request Form

In our ongoing effort to make your pet’s health care as convenient and easy as possible, you can now request a refill of your pet’s prescription or food by submitting the Prescription Refill Request Form Online. Please be sure to to fill in all the requested information.  The prescription refill must be approved by a doctor.

We will notify you via email or telephone (whichever you prefer) when your pet’s prescription or food has been approved and is ready for pick up.  When placing food refill requests, please try to order it a week in advance as some food items have to be special ordered and can take a few days to arrive.

Change of Address Form

Moving? Changed your Email address? Please take a minute to fill out a change of address form. By filling out and submitting our change of address form we can keep your records up to date so you will be sure to get timely updates on Vaccination and Pet Health Care reminders from us.