Mar 25 2015

February is Dental Health Awareness Month

At home dental care is an important factor in preventing dental and gum disease for your pet.  By caring for your pet’s teeth on a daily basis  – brushing a couple of minutes a day – you can be a part of helping avoid bad breath and preventing the growth of certain bacteria that cause gingivitis and periodontal disease.  Dental plaque is linked to heart, kidney, lung, liver, and bladder disease.  Some pets are more likely to become seriously ill because of dental disease.  Some pets are more likely to become seriously ill because of dental disease if they have existing problems with their hormonal system, for example: diabetes, hypothyroidism and Cushing’s disease.  Pets with immune system problems and geriatric pets are also more susecptible to dental disease.

An awareness of your pet’s teeth and gums is the beginning of a healthier, longer quality of life for your furry friend.  Scheduling a dental health assessment early in the life of you pet is needed as a positive and preventative measure to assure the best dental hygiene.  Regular physical examinations throughout the life of your pet gives them the best possible chance of slowing the progression of infection and avoiding the risks associated with poor dental hygiene and periodontal disease.

View the following video for tips on how to brush your pet’s teeth:


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